Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Day - The Mission Possible Tucson Mission Visit to Hadera

Wow what a day! It was very exciting to go on The Mission Possible Tucson (Young Women Federation Leadership) mission visit to the Ulpanat Mevasseret School in Hadera this afternoon. Being it was my first week at the ENP as well as my first week in Israel needless to say, I was not totally sure what to expect. It was awesome! When we arrived at the school we were greeted with so much excitement from the staff as well as the girls. I was very impressed with the school. The girls all spoke English very well and it was a breath of fresh air to see kids with a real hunger for learning. The girls were not shy whatsoever, and there was no shortage of questions about life in America, many of them having to do with pop culture. I never thought I could have so much in common with these girls! They were all so intelligent, we talked about everything from music to geography of the US. After talking to the girls I got to hear some of their stories as well as their dreams for the future. They all have set very high goals for themselves and after spending time with them I have no doubt they will be reached. I can see that with the help of the programs from the ENP it will help make the dreams come true. The after school programs that are in place for these kids really does give them the help they need to reach their full potential. It was also very cool because I go to hear personal stories from three girls who are now out of high school and who participated in the ENP. They felt that they benefited from the programs so much that they are donating a year to volunteering with the ENP before they go to the army. After visiting with the girls for a while it was time to introduce them to a ladies group from Arizona that support the ENP.

It was so special to be able to see a group of ladies from America get to experience what the ENP does first hand. As well as get to meet some of the girls that benefit from the programs they support. I think the ladies all had a wonderful time. There was so much energy in the room! We all played a getting to know you game and got to learn about each other. It was so nice for the girls, as well as the ladies to be able to learn from one another. The ladies also got to sit with the older girls and hear their stories, and future plans. What a great afternoon of stories and getting to know one another, After today it is safe for me to say that I know what to expect when working with the Ethiopian-Israeli youth… a wonderful day.

The ENP Scholastic Assistance in Hadera is supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte and the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle TN