Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adapting in the Face of New Challenges

By Gainya St Clair
ENP Volunteer

Last week the boys I work with were off for a school trip, so today was the first day back in SPACE. I prepared a lesson and a few practice activities related to present progressive verbs. Usually, I work with a small group of the younger kids, but today I had the older group. They are a group of about 7 boys, with much more energy and attitude than the younger boys. It was a challenge. The lesson was not ideal for this group. The boys were more interested in chatting and goofing around than learning English. Although they all ended up learning the grammar in the end, I had to work with each boy individually. I gave each one something slightly different depending on his level and interest. This definitely was not the most time-effective method, but it allowed me to make sure each boy got at least something out of the session.