Wednesday, July 26, 2017

6 Weeks is Not Enough: My Short (but Amazing) Time at ENP

My name is Nathan. I'm an intern here at Ethiopian National Project. I don't feel like an intern, though - I feel like one of the staff members. From Day 1 I was greeted and treated like a staff member, and because of that, I acted like one.

Every morning I come into work, say "Shalom" to everyone - Chen, Roni, Ariela, Grace, the interns (in that order) - and sit myself down for my daily reading: the first couple pages of the ENP Mid-Year Report.

In those first few pages, the report outlines the mission of ENP, the needs of the Ethiopian-Israeli community, and what is being done to meet those needs. My favorite part is the letter from the Prime Minister of Israel's Office: "The Government of Israel will commit to ENP the following: 17.8 million NIS per year for four years," the letter reads. It continues "this investment requires matching from the Diaspora Jewish organizations."

"So we have to raise 17.8 million shekels?!" I think. "Yes. Boom, now I know what my job is. Let's get to work."

As the videographer for ENP, my job is to make compelling videos that communicate ENP's mission to Diaspora Jewry. The hope is that after seeing the video, people will be moved emotionally or intellectually (or both, hopefully) to contribute to our cause: the full and successful integration of Ethiopian-Israelis into Israeli society.

I work with the conviction that I am making a difference. I can see the potential in the work I do as I'm doing it: I make a video, the video gets viewed by donors, the donors contributes funds to ENP, ENP is able to provide SPACE to Ethiopian-Israeli students for free, the students gain better prospects for their futures through the academic and social support they receive from SPACE, and eventually they go on to higher positions in the army, the university, and the workforce.

One child at a time, ENP is fulfilling it's mission to the beautiful Ethiopian-Israeli community, and over these past 6 weeks, I've had the honor to help them do it. I'll never forget my time here, and I will truly miss everyone and everything about ENP.

Yalla, bye.


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